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Sierra Club's Awards Antelope Valley Poppy  Reserve by Rob Badger

Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography 

Rob Badger and Nita Winter received the
Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography: Which honors superlative photography that has been used to further conservation causes. 

 The Sierra Club recently honored the couple with the 2020 Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography. It’s the latest of several awards Rob and Nita have received in response to their “Beauty and the Beast” photography book (co-published by WinterBadger Press and the California Native Plant Society), and in recognition of Rob’s 40 years of conservation photography.

We are not just looking for pretty pictures,” the Sierra Club nominating committee shared with Rob and Nita. “We are looking for photographers who use their work to help further a conservation cause. We were all struck by the stunning photos and the combination of art and activism that was reflected in the book."

This year’s awards presentation will recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment. Join us and be inspired by the incredible individuals and groups who are affecting change around the country and across the world. We look forward to celebrating their persistence, fresh thinking, and partnership in a time where there is so much adversity. These changemakers showcase how everyone has the power to make a difference!

Use #SierraAwards2020 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to congratulate our award winners! 

Photo: “Field of wildflowers in Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve with snow on the San Gabriel Mountains” courtesy of 2020 Ansel Adams Award winners Rob Badger and Nita Winter 


10 book award medals for Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change

A total of 10 medals: 2 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze medals and an honorable mention.

2020 IPA (International Photography Awards) Winners 3rd Place and Honorable Mention

October 2020- 2020 IPA Winners Announced -- Awe-Inspiring Finalists of the International Photography Awards!

The 2020 International Photography Awards has received more than 13,000 submissions from some of the most important photographers from around the world, and the judges have faced the incredibly challenging task of selecting the  winners in each of the 13 categories. 

Showcasing some of the most outstanding photographic work from around the globe, the world-renowned  International Photography Awards (IPA) has named the Category Winners and finalists in its 2020 Photography Competition for the Professional and Non-Professional/Student categories.  

Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change received 3rd Place in the Book/Nature category and Honorable Mention in the Book/Self Published category. You need to scroll down in the Professional section to reach the Book categories.

The judges praised this year’s winners for their exceptional work across various genres and styles. Hossein Farmani, IPA’s founder and president, commented, "In these unprecedented times, this year's entries reflect some of the biggest challenges facing our generation--not the least of which is dealing with a virus which, for the first time, is an event that has affected every person on earth in some way. We see photography at its best--whether covering the Covid pandemic, or the world’s uprising against injustice--the images captured are breathtaking. I can easily say these are the best images I have seen in the last decades." 

2020 Prix de la Photographie Winners - Bronze: Book/Nature

September 2020 -  The “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” (P×3) promote the appreciation of photography, discover emerging talent and introduce photographers from around the world to the artistic community of Paris.

Each submitted photographs was evaluated by the esteemed professional Px3 Jury panel. Winning entries were given titles of gold, silver, or bronze levels, along with honourable mentions from many distinguished submissions. The “Photographer of the Year,” “Best New Talent” and the 1st category winner’s photography are exhibited in Paris. "Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change" received Bronze Medal in the Book/Nature Category.

The Living Now Book Awards - Gold: Living Green

August 5, 2020 - The Living Now Book Awards celebrate the innovation and creativity of newly published books that can help us improve the quality of our lives, from cooking and entertaining to fitness and travel. Each year, “books for better living” are chosen for their unique ability to enrich readers’ lives and promote global sustainability. The Living Now Awards medalists are an exceptionally impressive list of inspiring books, a testament to the dedication of authors and publishers today. "Beauty and the Beast" received a gold medal in the (#6) Green Living category. 

IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Awards:  1 Gold + 2 Silver

May 8, 2020 - Today, the coffee table book “Beauty And The Beast: California Wildflowers And Climate Change,” won a gold medal for the Bill Fischer First Time Book Award – Non Fiction category. It also received two silver awards in the Art and Photography and Nature and the Environment categories.

The IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award program recognizing excellence in book editorial and design is regarded as one of the highest national honors for independent publishers.

2019 Foreword Indies Book Awards - 2 Silver + 1 Bronze

  • Silver Medal for Coffee Table Book (General) 
  • Silver Medal for Regional (Adult Fiction) 
  • Bronze Medal for Nature (Adult Nonfiction)

June 17, 2020—Foreword Reviews, a book review journal focusing on independently published books, announced the winners of its INDIES Book of the Year Awards today The awards recognize the best books published in 2019 from small, indie, and university presses, as well by self-published authors. You can view all of the winners here:


“For a couple of months a year, our editorial team gathers together for the collaborative work of reading through the thousands of worthy INDIES submissions we receive, whittling categories down to the few books that best represent the spirit and potential of independent publishing,” says Managing Editor Michelle Anne Schingler. “The task of judging books is never easy—our impulse, as readers, is to embrace all titles—but it’s work that we take seriously, as do the librarians and booksellers who further narrow the categories after us.

“The end result are short lists of winners that represent the best of the best—independent titles that you absolutely should not miss. In these troubled times of tremendous change, we hope that you’ll find these selections inspiring—a reminder of what we’re all working toward together.”

Over 2,100 entries were submitted in 55 categories, with Foreword’s editors choosing approximately 9 finalists per genre. Those finalists were then delivered to individual librarians and booksellers tasked with picking the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honorable Mention winners.


Foreword Reviews Magazine 

Foreword Review of Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change

Review of “Beauty and the Beast” by Katherine Morris will be featured with several other Nature/Environmental titles in the upcoming May/June issue of Foreword Reviews.

Katherine writes about these titles:

"Writing about the natural world isn’t easy at a time when climate change is making its ugly face known, with swings between devastating heat, record cold, prolonged drought, and torrential rains. It would be easy to fall into despair. But the books featured here are hopeful instead. Celebrating Earth’s beauty, warning of the fragility of its ecosystems, and demanding change on behalf of the planet, they’re all about taking action. Read and be inspired!"

Her review:

"Beauty and the Beast is the story of an imperiled glory. Part of an inspiring documentary art project created by photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter, it highlights California’s famed wildflower superblooms” that, when conditions are favorable, herald the arrival of spring with a riotous display of color.

Shimmering in vast waves across the landscape or revealing their intricacies in intimate portraits of a single bloom, the wildflowers were all photographed in natural light using harm-free methods that are shared in detail at the end of the book. Sixteen short, insightful essays by a diverse group of writers tell the stories of these imperiled wildflowers and inspire action with suggestions for helping to tame “the beast.”  

The book celebrates California’s remarkable biodiversity. Home to more native plant species than any other state, its varied landscapes—cool north-facing mountain slopes, scorching desert terrain, bay estuaries, and beaches—are the result of millennia of tectonic upheavals. The resulting microclimates have sheltered ancient organisms that are now extinct everywhere else, though they are now under threat as overconsumption destroys natural habitats, pollutes, and wreaks havoc on ecosystems. 

While Earth’s long and tumultuous evolution has always included periods of climate change, the book reveals that what is happening now is different. Sped up by human activity, climate change is occurring much faster than ever before, leaving plants without the time they need to adapt to changing conditions or migrate to environments better suited to them.

Sensitive and thought provoking, Beauty and the Beast is a delight for the eyes and nourishment for the soul—a strong reminder of fragile beauty on the cusp of destruction, given in the hope that people will be moved to care and then to act on its behalf."



2 Million Blossoms Magazine cover

Ryan Burnett's engaging story Chasing Spring: Timing is Everything, written for our book, was reprinted in the recent April 2020 issue of 2 Million Blossoms, a beautiful new magazine dedicated to protecting pollinators.  Ryan describes his research in mountain meadows on how climate change is affecting the rufous hummingbird during its epic migration from Mexico to Alaska. The article is illustrated with images of mountain wildflowers by Rob Badger and Nita Winter.

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