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Nita Winter’s wildflower photography is a blooming success

By Aviva Luttrell   CLARK NOW   Nita Winter ’76 and Rob Badger had never witnessed anything like it. As far as the eye could see, fields of brilliant orange wildflowers blanketed California’s Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, rippling like waves as the wind swept across the ground on a spring day in 1992.

Rob Badger and Nita Winter: 5 Things We Must Do To Inspire The Next Generation About Sustainability And The Environment

By Penny Bauder    AUTHORITY MAGAZINE    As part of my series about what we must do to inspire the next generation about sustainability and the environment, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rob Badger and Nita Winter.

In Wildflowers’ Beauty, A Call to Action

By Kathy Morrison   FLORA MAGAZINE, CALIFORNIA NATIVE PLANT SOCIETY    The beauty of a wildflower is ephemeral, and much more so when viewed in the shadow of climate change. Will the same species of flower bloom in the same spot next year, next decade, next century? If not, will future generations know what has been lost?

California’s wildflower blooms: 27 years of photos track the changing climate

By Sam Whiting   SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE    The first time landscape photographer Rob Badger saw the wildflowers bloom in the Mojave Desert, he drove directly to a grocery store pay phone and put in a collect call to his partner, Nita Winter. She accepted the call in Marin City, and when his verbal description proved insufficient, he jumped in his car, drove six hours home to pick her up and then six hours back to the desert to prove it to her.

California Wildflowers and Climate Change

By Matthew Harrison Tedford   BAY NATURE MAGAZINE    Rob Badger began photographing nature and the California desert when he was 18, having moved from the East Coast to Los Angeles for college. Eventually what was a passion and a hobby turned into a career documenting environmental destruction, from clear-cutting to mining. Roughly 25 years after those first photographic forays, a visit to the desert once again shaped his work. 

Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change

By Jennifer Jewell   PACIFIC HORTICULTURE MAGAZINE    In 1992, conservation photographer Rob Badger first experienced a rare and spectacular display of California wildflowers in the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, a state park in the Mojave Desert. Not wanting his partner and fellow photographer, Nita Winter, to miss what he was seeing, he returned to San Francisco to get her. They quickly drove back to the desert to enjoy and photograph this beauty together. 

A voice for wildflowers: Marin City photographers see their work as ‘art to action’ on climate change

By Vicki Larson   MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL   Melting ice caps, drought, rising sea levels and wildfires are what usually come to mind when we hear about climate change. Photographers Nita Winter and Rob Badger would like you to think about wildflowers instead. Not because they’re beautiful to look at, but because climate change is changing their habitat and that has huge consequences for all sorts of wildlife that depend on them. 
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