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Welcome to the online press kit for the "Wildflower and Climate Change" Project

Award-Winning Photographers Create Art That Inspires Action

Conservation photographers Ri badger and Nita Winter with backpacks in front of lake in Sierra Mountains. On left purple wildflower with gray butterfly. On right tall desert candle wildflower with thick glowing yellow-green stalk, deep burgundy buds on top and small white flowers down both sides of the stalk. Both wildflowers against black backgrounds.

“Ansel Adams Award couple” Rob Badger and Nita Winter inspire conservation with their art-to-action photography book and companion traveling exhibit

Rob Badger and Nita Winter are conservation photographers who are passionate about photographing and protecting wildflowers on America’s public lands. They use art to inspire hope and action with regard to climate change, land conservation, and species extinction. Their beautifully illustrated coffee table book and accompanying traveling educational exhibit are called "Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change."

“We are a voice for wildflowers and the life that depends on them,” says Rob.

The Sierra Club recently announced that the couple is being honored with the 2020 Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography. It’s the latest of several awards Rob and Nita have received in response to their “Beauty and the Beast” photography book (co-published by WinterBadger Press and the California Native Plant Society), and in recognition of Rob’s 40 years of conservation photography.

“We are not just looking for pretty pictures,” the Sierra Club nominating committee shared with Rob and Nita. “We are looking for photographers who use their work to help further a conservation cause. We were all struck by the stunning photos and the combination of art and activism that was reflected in the book.

Nonprofit organization Exhibit Envoy is hosting Rob and Nita’s traveling educational exhibit of the photographs featured in “Beauty and the Beast.” The show has been seen by more than 45,000 people so far, and the San Diego Natural History Museum is creating a large-print version of the exhibit.

Three Decades of Wildflower Conservation Photography

“We have been life partners and creative collaborators for over three decades,” says Nita. “In 1992, we discovered and fell in love with California's spectacular wildflower blooms in the Mojave Desert’s Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. This experience inspired us to begin our 27-year journey photographing wildflowers throughout the West.”
“Beauty and the Beast” features unique, one-of-a-kind photos and photography techniques:

* All flowers are photographed in the field, safe and sound in the ground, using only natural light.
* Rob created two unique techniques — the “Contact Series” and the “Wrapped Series” — to portray the beauty of the wildflowers in totally new ways. “We’re not aware of any other photographers using these techniques,” says Rob.
* Rob and Nita are a husband and wife team, and it usually takes both of them to create a final "master" image file.

“As award-winning conservation photographers, our lives are dedicated to creating change with our images,” says Rob.

A Call to Action for Everyone Who Loves Nature and the Outdoors

Gardeners, bee keepers, bird watchers, eco-destination travelers, and more find hope and beauty in the “Beauty and the Beast” book. Featuring 190 images of super-bloom landscapes and botanical portraits, plus 18 short stories by 16 passionate scientists, environmental leaders, and nature writers, this book serves as a rallying cry to all who love the natural world. It also includes a 25-step, easy-to-follow action guide so anyone can pick one or two things right now, today, and get started making a difference in protecting the fragile wildflower ecosystems that are being threatened by climate change and other human activities.

Download a One Pager for Rob Badger.
Download a One Pager for Nita Winter.

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