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Interview Questions

Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change banner with white azalea flowers on left and orange California poppy on right

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Suggested Interview Questions

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  1. How are wildflowers impacted by climate change?
  2. Which creatures are most affected by a healthy or struggling wildflower ecosystem?
  3. Can people get involved in wildflower appreciation and protection, even during a pandemic? How?
  4. What are a few simple ways that anyone can make a positive impact on wildflower conservation efforts?
  5. Can you explain what it means to be a citizen scientist? How does that work?
  6. What role can art play in inspiring meaningful action in today’s world?
  7. What makes your photos so unique? What separates you from other photographers doing this work?
  8. If people want to try out wildflower photography for themselves, what tips should they keep in mind so as not to harm the flora they’re photographing?
  9. Studies have shown how important it is to get outside and connect with nature. Can you share some ideas of how people can stay connected to nature, during the pandemic or anytime?
  10. Polar bears and bees are known to be struggling under the realities of climate change. What do you wish people knew about wildflowers, too?
  11. Tell us about your traveling educational exhibit and its award-winning coffee table book.
  12. You two didn't create this photography project alone. Tell us a little bit about your collaborations.
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